Edmundo Santos Rodriguez
No. 11 Falcatan St., Tetuan, Zambo. City
Tel.: 991 - 2122

Date of Birth         :    October 19, 1936
Place of Birth        :   Margosatubig, Zamboanga del Sur
Status                   :    Married
Name of Spouse    :   Adoracion C. Rodriguez
Name of Children  :    1.  Ma. Elizabeth R. Madina
  Ma. Elena R. Agustin
                                  3.  Ma. Victoria R. Rustia
                                  4.  Ferdinand C. Rodriguez
                                  5.  Edwin C. Rodriguez
                                  6.  Rachel R. Bautista
                                  7.  Alixandre C. Rodriguez


Elementary :  Malangas Central  School        1946-51
High School: Margosatubig Academy         1951-57
College       :  Zamboanga A. E. Colleges 1957-58    AA-Pre-Law
                          3rd Yr. A.B.


Inclusive Dates                Position                       Employer

1958 – 1963              Radio Announcer           DXJW, CBN

1963 – 1974              Station Manager           DXYZ-NBC

1974 – 1994              Station Manager           RPN-DXXX/TV 5

1967 – 1971              City Councilor             City Government

1980 – 1986               City Councilor             City Government

1998 – Present          City Councilor             City Government

Executive Vice-Chairman Regional Phil. Councilors League
Chairman           Committee on Agriculture & Agrarian
                           Relations, City Council
Chairman            Committee on Natural Resources City Council
Chairman             Committee on the Elderly
Vice-Chairman & Member  Various Committees, City Council
Action Officer    Task Force “Rio Limpio”
Member               Zamboanga Press Club
Member              Various Civic & Private Organizations

Received various awards and citations as a private citizen and as a public servant.

Short Autobiography Of

                      Hon. EDMUNDO S. RODRIGUEZ

Born on October 19, 1936 in Margosatubig, Malangas Del Sur. He was a consistent honor student from his elementary to high school, despite of his being a working student.

In his desire to acquire college education he came to Zamboanga from Malangas in 1956 and took up Associate in Arts, preparatory to law, while working as a janitor at the Zamboanga General Hospital. He ended up finishing only the two years and a semester in the college of law in 1958, because in the same year, he quit his studies after becoming a regular announcer with the first Radio Station in Zamboanga DXJW.

In 1963 he became a Station Manager for NBC’s DXYZ. His first stint at local politics came in 1967 when he was elected a City Councilor. Re-elected in 1980, 1988 and 1998, for the same position.

In broadcasting, he held the position of District Manager for RPN Mindanao while Managing RPN’s DXXX Radio and Television channel 5 at the same time. He retired from being a regular employee of RPN in 1994, but still keeps his two very popular radio programs, namely Radio Ronda and Noche de Ronda.

At the City Council, Eddie Rodriguez, is the chairperson of the Committee on Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources, and the Committee on Elderly. He is s vice-chairman, and member of several other committees at the Sangguniang Panlungsod.

He is married to Adoracion Cabayacruz and is a father to 7 professional and gainly employed children.