Is It Better To Stay in a Hotel or an Airbnb in Zamboanga?

If you decide to go on a vacation, the next step will be planning. That will involve itineraries and activities you will do. But of course, the most important will be the place you will stay in.

Because of tourists coming, Zamboanga is not short of places you can stay. However, there is a variety, and it will be up to you where to stay. You will certainly have choices, but it is between a hotel or an Airbnb is the most popular ones. Here are some factors that will help with your choice.

Hotel vs. Airbnb

First, let us know the difference between the two. Hotels are pricier than both, and that is because it will be all served unto you. If you do not cook, the hotel can do that. It is also very likely they will have all your needs. It is more convenient and less hassle. Airbnb, on the other hand, is much cheaper. It is when locals will offer a place to stay and is usually homes. With this, you are usually the one who will do things.

Now that you know the difference, here are the things you need to consider in making a decision.


Are you taking a vacation by yourself or with a company? If you are with your family and with kids, it might be a bit easier for you to have some service, so you will focus on the more important things. If you do not though then it will be different. If you are with a group of friends, and Airbnb will provide more space and privacy. You can also do some activities of your own whereas, with a hotel, it might be more restricted.

Another factor is comfort. Hotels have more accommodations and most likely located in a more urban area. It also has the sights. But that does not mean Airbnb does not have sights. You will just need to have a thorough research about them. You should know about the locations and spots and see if there are Airbnb near them. It will also be helpful for you to read reviews about it. Then, you should also contact the host, but also be aware and careful.

Another thing about staying in Airbnb is that you will have the chance to live like a local. That is because you are the one who will prepare everything though your host can be helpful with some things like pointing out places and teaching some ways. But if you are looking for that experience then staying at an Airbnb will be a good option.


Of course, it is about how much willing you will spend. As mentioned earlier, Airbnb is cheaper. If you are a little tight and with a big group, Airbnb will be a much better choice. But there will be also cheap hotels available if you would still want a guaranteed accommodation, and that is the same with Airbnb. You can still find fancier ones that will be perfect for a group or a solo traveler.