Best Ways To Travel To And Around Zamboanga

If you are thinking of having a vacation, you should consider doing something you have not tried before. It does not have to be outright but just something new and different. It could be something out of your comfort zone. If you have the time and resources, why not go big and explore. It could be a city. But you can also go unplug. The best way to do that is to try coastal living.

There are a lot of countries that you can go to with that especially in Asia. The Philippines is an archipelago country, and it has a lot of beaches and islands you can go to. Zamboanga is one of those places. It is is a city located on the island of Mindanao. It is called “Asia’s Latin City” and the place has a lot of activities and is rich in culture. This the place you must go if you are looking for something like that. How will one travel to it?

Travel to Manila

If you are from another country, the easiest way to travel to the Philippines is to Manila first. It will be the start, and you can go from there.

By Air

Now that you are in Manila, the easiest way would be flying. There are daily direct flights going to Zamboanga. Make sure to have one booked in advance to avoid the hassle. There are also flights from Cebu and Davao City which Asian countries have a direct flight too. It is another option though if you would want detours. Cebu and Davao are great places to go too. And from those places, you can have a flight to Zamboanga after.

By Sea

If you are willing to take long trips, you can also travel by sea. There are ferries that travel from Manila. You can also do what is mentioned earlier, and that is flying to Cebu or Davao then traveling by ferry to Zamboanga. It will be a much shorter trip from Manila for sure. You will just have to know the right opportunity for it because they are only available twice a week. Make sure to plan it thoroughly in advance.

By Land

If you are really craving for an adventure and do not mind long trips, you can try traveling by land even from Manila. But as mentioned, it will be a long trip and takes three days. All you have to do is search for the right buses that will travel via a RORO or ferries that carry wheeled vehicles. Another option is flying than taking transit buses from nearby cities such as Cagayan De Oro.

Going Around

Now that you are in Zamboanga, how will you go around it? It all depends on your itinerary. The best way to go around the city is through jeepneys. It is a nice way to go to destinations and also the cheapest way. Other options are by a tricycle or taxi. Other destinations will need some special rides though. For example, if you want to experience island hopping, you would need to ride boats while some others would need the hiring of vans or jeepneys.