What to Expect on a Coastal Trip to Zamboanga: The Best Beaches, Food and Activities

If you’re looking for an amazing coastal trip to take in the Philippines, then Zamboanga is definitely the place for you! This region is home to some of the best beaches in the country, as well as delicious food and plenty of activities to keep you entertained. In this article, we will discuss what you can expect when visiting Zamboanga. So, if you’re ready for a relaxing and enjoyable getaway, read on!

The first thing you’ll want to do when planning your trip to Zamboanga is decide on a beach to visit. There are many beautiful beaches in this region, each with its own unique charm. Some of our favourites include Pasonanca Beach, Tictabon Island and Sta. Cruz Island. Once you’ve chosen a beach, make sure to research the best way to get there, as not all of them are easily accessible.

Once you’re on the beach, be sure to take advantage of all the activities it has to offer! Zamboanga is a great place for swimming, snorkelling, diving and surfing. If you’re looking for something a little more relaxing, you can also enjoy sunbathing or simply taking in the stunning views.

When it comes to food, Zamboanga is a real culinary delight! The region is known for its delicious seafood, which you can enjoy at one of the many restaurants and street stalls. Be sure to try some of the local favourites, such as prawns, crabs and squid. If you’re after something a little more traditional, Zamboanga also has a wide range of Filipino dishes to choose from.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your trip to Zamboanga today and experience all the amazing things this region has to offer!

Why Your Beach House Needs An Electric Fireplace

A beach house is a house for recreation. You may visit there occasionally. Hence, your beach house must have some devices that are easy to maintain.

Apart from that, a beach house should be perfectly decorated. Otherwise, you may not enjoy your beautiful vacation over there.

Now, it’s needless to say that a fireplace can make your living room alive. It’s the very soul of your living room. A couple of chairs, a table, and a fireplace can make your beach house living room a cozy place.

Hence, you can install an electric fireplace in your beach house. An electric fireplace is easy to maintain and it’s easy to control. Moreover, these fireplaces look fabulous. So, an electric fireplace can be a perfect choice for your beach house.

1) Saves You From Cold Weather

You may want to spend your Christmas vacation on your beach house. At that time it can be freezing cold weather on the beach. Apart from that, at night, beaches often face cold winds. Hence, you need a heating device.

An electric fireplace produces no gas. So, you can close all your doors and windows. Then, ignite an electric fireplace and you can spend a beautiful time inside your beach house.

2) Requires Low Maintenance

A beach house may not be your permanent residence. You may visit there occasionally. In that case, you need a ‘ready-to-go’ fireplace.

Traditional wood fireplaces are not so easy to ignite. Moreover, you need pieces of woods to start a traditional fireplace. This means you have to invest a lot of time to start the fire.

But, an electric fireplace requires almost no maintenance. You can start it whenever you want. Hence, it’s a perfect heating device for your beach house.

3) Can Use It Outside Your Beach House

You may want to sit and sing outside your beach house. In that case you may need a fire. Traditional wood fireplaces are fixed. You can’t bring them outside. But, modern electric fireplaces are mobile. Moreover, windy beaches can never blow out your fire. Hence, you can enjoy steady and consistent heating.

4) Keeps Your Pet and Children Safe

Cold weather is not safe for your children and pet. So, you need proper heating devices in your beach house. An electric fireplace doesn’t produce flickers and it’s safe for your pet and children. So, you can enjoy the beach keeping your pets and children inside the house.

5) A ‘Part and Parcel’ of Your Beach House Living room

You can design an electric fireplace in many attractive ways. You can decorate the fireplace’s mantle. You can keep there – photo frames, seashells, candles, and more things. An electric fireplace is available in many designs. Hence, it can completely transform your beach house living room’s look. In short, without a great looking electric fireplace, your beach house decoration won’t be completed.

Modern electric fireplaces have easy temperature control settings. The fireplace has an ignition button. So, you can easily start the fire. The 3-D fireplaces can project different types of fires and these fires look amazing. Therefore, install an electric fireplace and enjoy your beach house at any season.