What To Do When Visiting Zamboanga

Vacation is all about relaxing and setting all of your stress aside. It is also a great opportunity to experience something new. So whether you are going to travel with your friends or family or by yourself, it is important to make new memories.

Zamboanga City has a lot to offer. It is dubbed as “Asia’s Latin City,” and you will see why. It has a lot of Spanish influence. As you go around, you will see history. There are also many places you can visit and many things you can try.

So, if you are thinking of having an adventure in Zamboanga, try doing what follows:

1. Explore Santa Cruz Island

If you are looking forward to the beach, you will be not disappointed. It is an island with pink sand. You will see this place from the mainland, and a trip great even for a day, and there are cottages available to stay. The beach is not the only one to look forward to. There is also a lagoon with mangroves in it. You can do some more activities such as bird watching and see more creatures in the lagoon.

2. Food Trip

Traveling to different places means trying out food that is different from what you are used to. But this is a great way to learn more about their culture. Because Zamboanga is by the sea, it has a lot of seafood. You can try them at restaurants or buy them at local public markets. And because the Philippines is a tropical country, one of the ways to beat the heat is through cold treats. Zamboanga has its own called Knicker Bocker which is quite similar to their halo-halo and is available at a restaurant called Hacienda de Palmeras.

3. Visit Historic Sites

Zamboanga City is rich in history, and you can see it yourself by visiting some sites such as Fort Pillar, Rio Hondo Village, and even the City Hall itself. With those, you will clearly see the Spanish influence in the city. 

4. See Local Communities

Aside from its rich history, Zamboanga City is also rich in culture. You can see that by visiting some of the local communities. There is a place called Yakan Weaving Village and there, you will see different kinds of textiles and being woven in action. You can definitely have a souvenir of your own and even to others by buying some of the handicrafts. 

5. Barter Trade Market Shopping

And speaking of souvenirs, there is a place called Canelar Barter Trade Center where you can buy a variety of items from garments to handicrafts to food. There are a lot of unique items you can see at that place. You can definitely spend less if you know how to haggle. 

6. Some Sights and Parks

After some long trips, you can also get to relax by going to some of their local parks like Pasonanca Park which where the Zamboanga Tree House is and also some pools. There is also the Paseo del Mar where you can stroll along, eat at restaurants, and see the sunset.

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